About Us






Abbie-square  Abbie

Hello my name is Abbie and I am 13 years old.  I have been coding for around 3 years now, I first started coding, when I went to a raspberry jam, my brother got me into it and I started to go.  At first I was just a participant but then I ended up being a volunteer and helping the other kids.  I also ended up making my own worksheet for the jam.  Its really fun to help out. In future I hope I can go and do computer science in university and become a computer programmer.


avni  Avni

My name is Avni and I am 10 years old.  I love playing piano and singing. I  like coding in Scratch and Python.  I am  the only one in my school who knows Python.  Recently, our teachers asked me to introduce Scratch to all the kids in our year so I took a lesson for 45 minutes about Scratch. After that  one of the teachers said to me, “ Avni, you are the queen of Scratch! “ which I am really happy about.  I have also suggested to  my teachers that we should introduce Python because it is an even more powerful language. 



Avye-square  Avye

My name is Avye, I am 10 years old.
I love playing tag Rugby, training with my local swimming squad and making stuff. I started coding at 7. Most Saturdays I either attend a code group or I’m busy leading a micro:bit workshop for Coder Dojo.  In November 2017 I won the ‘best working device’ for the Micro:bit 1st Birthday Challenge & my robot was exhibited at the Bett Show this January.  I want to inspire more kids to get into coding – especially girls and to become an ambassador encouraging more girl involvement in tech.


Evan-square  Evan

Hi, I’m Evan, I am 11 years old.  I love anything to do with technology, especially programming and hacking – which I do at every possible opportunity.  I have a lot of fun hacking tech (there is no one left in my family without a modified phone or tablet!) When I’m not at my computer, I like to skateboard with my friends, where I film a lot of footage to edit into my skateboarding films.  Something I also enjoy doing is the sound and lighting technology for performances at my school.  I would love to go to university in the future and use my coding skills in this area.


Femi-square  Femi

My name is Femi aka Hackerfemo, I’m 12 years old and I love to code. When I was 7 I was diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome and around a year later I got introduced to the coding world. After seeing how fun it was to hack Minecraft and code with the Pi, I thought that the people in my Tourettes group would love to do the same so I fund-raised and set up South London Raspberry Jam with my mother, so we could run inclusive coding events in the community.  Since then I have run robot and Microbit workshops across the country, abroad in sharing my knowledge and encouraging others to get into computing too.  I’m a proud recipient of the Legacy Diana award and one of my biggest achievements is to fund raise and introduce over 220 young people to coding using the Microbit in Bangladesh.


PYCON day three  Joshua

My name is Josh and I am a 14 year old coder, passionate about sharing my skills with others. I am the creator of EduBlocks, a drag and drop version of Python 3 which allows students to learn the Python syntax with minimal errors. This software is now being used in countries all around the world by students and teachers alike. I deliver numerous workshops around the country sharing my passion for coding to people of all ages. Recently I was awarded a John Pinner Award at PyCon UK for my contribution to the coding community. I am also a pi-top futureCHAMPION.


Kian-square  Kian

My name is Kian and I am 12 years from South London. I enjoy learning about the subjects involving STEM. I also enjoy playing badminton and tennis in my spare time. I play the saxophone and am in the Jazz band at school. I like listening to pop music as well. I like to code and learn new ways to code. I like technology and I watch videos about them and keep up-to-date with latest ideas by reading magazines and watching programs on the internet and TV. I think it would be cool to learn more about coding and be able to pass on my knowledge to other young coders and help them because it would be the key to our future.


Loius-square  Louis

I started coding around six years ago and I have worked on various software projects with a number of different languages and frameworks, including creating a VR tutorial, a website to search for past exam paper questions and a program to input instructions to create mathematical shapes.

I like to follow the learning method of working towards a project using a board range of technology particularly those that I have not learnt before. Currently I’m really interested in doing more with physical components and using lower level languages such as Rust.


Nishka-square  Nishka

Hello I’m Nishka, I’m almost 13 years old. I really enjoy learning programming and computer skills. I am part of the Robotics Club at school. I like reading and love making things out of paper. I used to live in India till I was eight, I cultivated a passion for science while living there. I am also fascinated by AI. My ambition is to be one of the pioneering women who work in STEM. I often go to science lectures and fairs and I love learning new facts about the world we are living in.


ThomasB  Thomas B

Hi, I’m Thomas, I’m 16, and I’ve been involved with the coding and making community for over four years now. I was first introduced to coding with the release of the very first Raspberry Pi. Through studying Computing GCSE at school, I’ve grown and developed my skills and interests, and I’m now looking to start a Code Club or Pi Jam for my school and local area. I’m currently studying Maths, Further Maths, and Physics and Music at A-Level. As well as coding, my hobbies are playing the trumpet and piano, and amateur astronomy and photography.


ThomasG-square  Thomas G

Hi, my name is Thomas and I’m 11 years old and a member of a Raspberry Jam. I was part of the team that entered the European Astro Pi competition in 2016 and I was excited to see the team’s successful code run on a Raspberry Pi in the International Space Station. Computing is my favourite subject at school, followed by Maths and French. I am currently doing a course with the Radio Society of Great Britain to get a Foundation Licence. I also love chess, playing the violin, going on Woodcraft camps and, last but not at all least, computer gaming.


ThomasR-square  Thomas R

I am a Linux geek, and I installed Linux for my first time when I was 7, and have done many installations since! I am a member of a Raspberry Jam, and have run a Micro:Bit workshop at a Jam. I have written code that was run on the ISS as part of Astro Pi with the Jam. I have also created a secure website. I have custom built a great value PC, and I am in the process of building another using a very cheap refurbished PC and some upgraded parts.