(Work in progress!)

This page will list some resources for visitors who wish to find out more about what they have seen and learned at the Celebration of Code.

The youth-created workshops

These will be written up and open-sourced over the coming weeks.  I hope you can forgive our young coders for not having them online already – they only had a couple of hours to create them from nothing!  Amazing!

In the meantime, some of the raw resources are actually already on GitHub.  Note that these are certainly not intended as finished useable resources!

What was that little computer we saw?

The BBC Micro:bit, probably!

Who was that, that I spoke to?

You can continue to follow the conversation by searching for the event hashtag #celebratecode

You can see our list of contributors for twitter handles to follow!

What’s the next event in London?

Some good places for you and your children to progress with the micro:bit are: